Single eBook licensing prices and terms

Single eBook prices

For our single eBook licensing each eBook has only one price, available in four currencies (Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, and US Dollars).

The price is for continuous access; you pay for it only once.

We charge no platform fees.

So unlike some other vendors and publishers, there are no price tiers with different terms for each tier.

Single eBook terms and conditions

You can read our full terms and conditions as PDF. Below is a summary of some aspects of the terms.

In October 2023 we updated our Terms and Conditions to include a new Artificial Intelligence clause (3.1.6). If you have any questions, contact a licensing manager for more details.

You can discuss exceptions from the general terms and conditions via your licensing manager. If you have an agreement with us for exceptions, choose the ‘agree later’ option when you check out.

Our eBooks are available as DRM free PDFs and often also in ePub format on SpringerLink, or in rare cases on another of our reading platforms.

We use no digital rights management (DRM) which means that unlimited numbers of users can access the book at the same time, they can download the files to their own computers, and read and annotate them as they see fit.

You can interlibrary loan the eBooks, and chapters of it, with very few limitations.

We work with two digital preservation services to make sure that you have continuous access to the eBook, even in the unlikely event that we cease to exist.

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