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For most journals on SpringerLink, there is a 'Sign-up for alerts' option on the journal's corresponding Volumes and Issues page:

Sign-up for alerts option on right side of a journal's Volumes and Issues page

For Springer Open Journals, the e-alerts sign-up option is located on the journal's homepage. If navigating from SpringerLink, such as from a Volumes and Issues page, first click on the journal's title:

Journal title page from SpringerLink

Once you have landed on the journal's homepage, scroll down and click the link on the right side of the screen that references 'Sign-up for article alerts and news from this journal':

Sign-up for article alerts and news from this journal option

A sign-up page for the e-alerts then appears. Complete the requested details so you can receive e-alerts when they are sent by the journal.

form to complete your email address and contact details to receive e alerts

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