Attempted to download a PDF article but presented with blank screen/error message

If your institution has a Site Licence to a Nature Portfolio title, and you have been presented with a blank screen and/or error message after you've attempted to download a PDF article, please follow these steps:

1) Try refreshing your page.

2) PDF Trouble Shooting tips can be found on Adobe's Help pages: Can't Open PDF, Can't view a PDF on the web.

3) Contact your librarian or online administrator to report the problem, they are usually able to assist internally.

4) If the librarian or administrator is unable to assist they should then contact Springer Nature Customer Service, before doing so it is important to obtain the following information:

- Confirm details related to software packages in use, i.e. which platform (Macintosh, Windows etc.), which version of Acrobat Reader and which browser type and browser version is being used?

- Are all PDF files affected or is the problem limited to one or several files? Provide details of the PDFs affected, i.e. volume number and starting page number.

- Is the problem related to one person or is it widespread throughout the institution? If one or a relatively small amount of people are affected, please confirm the IP addresses of these users.

- Are there any internal network problems currently occurring? This can be checked by your IT department.

- Have your institutes IP ranges changed recently? (This information needs to be confirmed to your administrator by your IT department.)

5) If after your librarian or administrator are unable to confirm what the problem is they will then contact Springer Nature Customer Service and will pass on the information provided.

Please note: The more detailed the information initially provided the easier it is to investigate any issues. This usually results in a quicker resolution to the problem being experienced.


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