What is Nature Navigator?

Make better research decisions with Nature Navigator's AI summaries

It is becoming increasingly difficult to inform and back your research decisions with the right data. Reasons for that are the general amount of research information, the pace of development as well as understanding and identifying which information you need to consider. Nature Navigator assists you in gaining an overview of the research landscapes most relevant to you.

With the insights on Nature Navigator, you can focus more on the decisions and actions that support your organization’s goals, and less on searching for the right information and relying on opinions.

Nature Navigator offers one centralized, wide-ranging live window into emerging research topics to guide your decision making relating to where you dedicate your resources, and who to collaborate with. Here’s a quick tour of the Nature Navigator.


Information presented in Nature Navigator can help you to:

  • Understand the structure and breath of your topic of interest

  • Identify opportunities within a topic, that you might want to grow in

  • Identify and find experts in your field, be it for collaboration or hiring

  • Grow your expertise in a topic

  • Gain competitive analysis and a better understanding of the organization's contributing to a field

How to get to these insights

Nature Navigator organizes the insights and information above in topics. Please continue here in case you want to learn more.

What are you waiting for?

Simply go to navigator.nature.com to get started.

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