Springerlink Referral URL Troubleshooting

Please check your Referral URL set up before submitting any information below: 

  1. Ensure your site is https:// and not http:// and that the referral policy is set to ‘no-referrer-when-downgrade’, so that the full Referral URL is sent to us when a user clicks through to our content.

  2. Ensure that the link to Springerlink content on your site is https:// and not http://, and that the link does not have ‘no-referrer’ set. 

These checks can be performed by using the information in the Springerlink Referral URL set up checks page.

As a result of the checks if changes were subsequently made to your site’s Referrer policy then please ensure you check the Springerlink access again to see if the access issues have been resolved. 

If the required content has not yet been published on Springerlink then please get in touch with your Editorial contact. 

If you have checked and confirmed that everything is set up correctly but access is still not working to the content please fill in and submit your information below.

The form is currently only available in English. Some plug-ins, add-ins or local security settings may prevent the form from displaying below. If this happens, open the form so it appears in a new window.

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