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Print Subscriptions 

Subscribers in Mainland China can purchase print subscriptions for the journals listed below directly from a company in China.

If the journal that you would like to order is not on the list below, please email your request to

Online Only Subscriptions

  • Online only subscriptions can be purchased online at the Nature page.

Online only subscriptions
Nature Biotechnology
Nature Cell Biology
Nature Chemical Biology
Nature Chemistry
Nature Climate Change
Nature Genetics
Nature Geoscience
Nature Immunology
Nature Materials
Nature Medicine
Nature Methods
Nature Nanotechnology
Nature Neuroscience
Nature Photonics
Nature Physics
Nature Protocols
Nature Reviews Cancer
Nature Reviews Cardiology
Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
Nature Reviews Endocrinology
Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Nature Reviews Genetics
Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Reviews Microbiology
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
Nature Reviews Nephrology
Nature Reviews Neurology
Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Nature Reviews Rheumatology
Nature Reviews Urology
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology

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