Journals overview: MARC records and Excel title lists

1. Select titles to include

To get records for one of our predefined groups of journals, select the languages and/or subjects that you need records for.

To get records for single journals:

1. Open the section “ISSNs to include or exclude”.

2. Paste your ISBNs into “ISSNs to include”.

Note: You can get records for up to 15 000 ISSNs per download.


2. Select titles to filter out

To remove individual titles from your download, paste the titles’ ISBNs into “ISBNs to include or exclude” > “ISBNs to exclude”.

To remove titles based on if they are Gold Open Access and/or Reference works, use the filters.


3. Choose file format


4. Check number of records

Next to the Download button the number of records that you will download is displayed.

If it says “no matching records”, you have probably:

  • not selected a group of content or
  • not pasted in ISSNs for journals from us or
  • filtered out all records 

5. Download

Bonus: Save your bookmark linkIf you download a similar set of records repeatedly, you can click on “Bookmark your settings” and copy and save the generated URL. Opening the generated URL in the future will restore the form to its current state.

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