How to compare book requests in C4 with requests in C5

TR_B1 is the Book Requests report in C5. Since we deliver books as a single pdf but only reported usage in the C4 Chapter Report (BR2), there is no comparable metric in C5. To make it possible to compare BR2 (C4) with a Title Master Report data (C5) we introduced a custom metric, which represents the overall requests of a book on the chapter level. You can include this custom metric only in Title Master Reports. Below you can find the steps on how to compare book requests between C4 and C5 reports.


    1. Login to the Librarian Portal and click on Usage.

    2. Scroll down to COUNTER 5 and pick TR Title Master Report. Select SN:Total_Chapter_Requests.

    3. Choose the desired Reporting Period and download the report.

    4. Download the C4 BR2 report for the same reporting period.

    5. Open both C5 Title Master Report including SN:Total_Chapter_Requests and C4 BR2.

    6. In the column Metric_Type you will find an additional metric: SN:Total_Chapter_Requests.

    7. These can be compared with the numbers in the C4 BR2.


8. To make it easier, you can of course also filter out and only show the SN:Total_Chapter_Requests in the 

    C5 reports.

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