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SpringerMaterials is one of the largest materials science databases in the world, delivering fast, trusted, curated content at your fingertips with 290,000+ materials and 3,000+ properties in a single platform. The platform allows you to engage with interactive graphs, corrosion data sets, phase diagrams, crystal structures and view side-by-side comparisons of material properties.


SpringerMaterials provides consolidated, multi-source data from all major topics in materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering and related fields. Licensing the SpringerMaterials platform provides access to all major materials science data sources including the complete Landolt-Börnstein book series, MSI Eureka, and the Polymer Thermodynamics Database (ATHAS).


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November 17, 2021

Springer Materials - How does it work?

The archive goes back to 1961.

Springer Materials does not follow the normal access setup. Contracts should be set to SOS, not SMA. While MPS and Entitlements reads the Material IDs and ACCESS dates, the CONTENT DATE definitions are held in a separate place. 

CONTENT DATES may be found here for some of the Springer Materials Material IDs: 2022 Material IDs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eI7Ir4bSCmtUQNDeXlfOBWQ1Le9afR01/view

The correlating Material ID names are:

IGNORE Material ID 13001E on Contracts. That is an outdated Material that is no longer being used. 13001 is not granting access from the Springer Materials platform. If you see "active" contracts for 13001E, it may be because there is another Material ID that is intended to be sitting under the TITLE LIST to be passed across to ENT. The replacement Material IDs are:

- 40611 is the ID all new customers who are purchasing the LB archive. This ID can be used for invoicing as well as for access management.

- 42966 is used for all customers who have purchased the LB archive in the past, e.g. Lund University. This material ID is only being used to manage access, and no $-value has to be attached. Content Years 1961-2017.

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