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Important information for Swets customers

Swets Information Services B.V. were declared bankrupt in September 2014. As a result of the bankruptcy, Macmillan Publishers Ltd and its affiliates, terminated our relationship with Swets at that time and our publications could no longer be ordered through Swets.


All our publications can be ordered through us direct or through other agents and resellers.


If you had any contractual agreement with Swets we suggest you take independent legal advice about your own position. As a consequence of Dutch insolvency law you may be in the position to ask the Trustee for a guarantee of proper performance by Swets of its obligations towards you. If the Trustee is not able to give a guarantee (within a reasonable period of time) you will in principle be free to do business directly with Nature Research / Palgrave Macmillan or any of its other agents and resellers.


We have worked with our customers to minimise any disruption to your subscriptions since the bankruptcy was declared, but should you wish to contact Nature Research or Palgrave Macmillan directly about your site license orders or have questions, please contact your site license sales representative or email:


If you require further assistance you can submit a query to our Online Service team via our webform here. If you would rather email or phone them, their contact information is available here.

For customers with queries about print orders and renewals, please contact subscriptions@nature.com for Nature Research titles or customerservice@springernature.com for Palgrave titles.


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