COUNTER 5 data per licensing model

We license content in many different sets – what we call licensing models – such as eBook packages or SpringerPrototcols.


There is no way, per set, to identify these sets of content in COUNTER data since there is no “content group” information in the COUNTER file. Instead one has to combine COUNTER data with a list of the titles that are included in each set of content. One way to do this is to download the KBART file for each set and then do a VLOOKUP in Excel.


1. Download the COUNTER 5 data that you need.

2. Download the KBART file that you need.

3. Combine both files in different sheets of an Excel file. Remove the “header” from the COUNTER file, that is all rows up to and including the empty row under “Created_By SpringerNature"

4. Go to the VLOOKUP function support page on and look for the heading "Combine data from several tables onto one worksheet by using VLOOKUP”.

“The field that links the tables” referred to in the VLOOKUP article is:

    -    In the KBART data, the column “title_id”

    -    in the COUNTER data, the column “DOI"


Follow the steps in the article to get the combined datasheet that you need.

 Only the COUNTER titles that exist in the KBART sheet should then be shown in the combined datasheet.

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