Year of Publication (YOP) in COUNTER release 5

The earliest published book on SpringerLink is D. J. L. Römer’s “Herzog Friedrich Wilhelm als Mensch in treuen Zügen aus seinem Gemälde”, published in 1815. One of the earliest articles on our platforms is “Metastasis of rheumatism to the heart” by Robert Law M.D., &c.&c. from 1832.

Some of our content has their year of publication set to the next calendar year.

You can therefore filter your COUNTER 5 reports on YOP (year of publication) between 1815 and next year.

The Year of Publication (YOP) might differ from the Copyright Year (CRY). For books, our collections are licensed by CRY. This means that filtering your usage data on YOP might show counts that include or exclude certain books from your license.

YOP data for journals is available from January 2019 onwards. Reports for earlier activity will show 0001 (Unknown) as YOP.

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