Details about COUNTER release 5 reports

Our COUNTER 5 data should be available one or a few days after the end of each month.

Which data is available? 

The COUNTER 5 Title Master Report and its Standard Views are available for SpringerLink and activity from September 2019 onwards. The Platform Master Report and Database Master Report will be available later this year. Title Master Reports for June to August 2019 will also be available later this year. Our plan is to not supply Item Master Reports.

Has your C5 data been audited? 

The Title Master Report data is currently being audited to ensure that we comply with the COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice. The reports are available for download in the Librarian Portal but the data might not be completely correct. If you find issues we would appreciate you letting us know by contacting customer service.

Which file formats for reports will be supported? 

In the Springer Nature Librarian Portal: TSV; Via SUSHI: JSON.

Is there a limit on the number of months that can be included in one report? 

No. Be aware though, that the files can get quite big if you add several months.

Do you support custom filtering? 

Our plan is to make it possible to create custom views/reports of our Master Reports later this year. You will be able to filter based on attributes and for some attributes, you will be able to choose the level of detail your report should include.

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