How much does it cost to purchase a single article from a Nature Research journal?

We endeavour to price our articles in relation to their length and potential value to the reader, however, please note that the length of each article may vary, and prices are subject to change.

Below you will see a pricing structure on which we base the prices in most cases:

Article US$32 / £22
Brief Communications US$18 / £12
Commentary US$18 / £12
Correspondence US$18 / £12
Full Article US$32 / £22
Letters US$18 / £12
Letters to the Editor US$18 / £12
News and Views US$18 / £12
News Analysis US$18 / £12
News in Brief US$18 / £12
Perspectives US$18 / £12
Reviews US$32 / £22
Research Articles US$32 / £22
Scientific Correspondence US$18 / £12
Short Article US$32 / £22
Review* US$32 / £22
Perspectives* US$18 / £12

* applies only to Nature Reviews Journals

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