Can I gain access without declaring IP addresses 2?

We highly recommend using IP-authenticated access. It guarantees that unlimited access will be given to all users within your institution at all times. It also enables us to provide you with detailed monthly usage statistics reports. We protect the information (including IP addresses) in your registration, and do not give out or publish organisations' IP addresses in any way.

In rare cases, an organization will be unable to use their IP ranges because of high security reasons, or because they do not have a stable IP address or range. For such organisations, we can arrange access via Token Based Access, which logs in like a username and password.

If you need to contact us, you can submit a query to our Online Service team via our webform here. If you would rather email or phone them, their contact information is available here.

You can also contact us by using the relevant details below:


UK/Rest of World: email -, tel: +44 (0)207 014 4113

USA: email -, tel: +1 800 221 2123

Japan: email -, tel: +81 3 4533 8090 (Tokyo)

Greater China, Mongolia, Oceania, South Korea & Southeast Asia: email -, tel: +86 21 2422 5007 (Shanghai)

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